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Applauding Taylor Swift

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Well, that's definitely voodoo math. Neither of those numbers are what "Taylor Swift" is making or would have made. First, the Spotify number is what would go to her label; you don't know what she gets in the end. And the second number is gross, and doesn't take into account profits by resellers, the cost of the album, etc. If you take the standard 30% for digital resellers, and probably more for retailers of the CD, it probably comes out around the same amount if you factor in such things as manufacturing and shipping.


And she or her label has already contested the Spotify figures.




Well I didn't do the math this site did Taylor Swift Would Have Made $6M This Year On Spotify (1989 Pulled In $12M In 1st Week) | TechCrunch



The girl is making money, that's it, her way or no way, she is the artist and she does have control over when and where her music is released, not a bunch of forum posters. I could careless.


Just in: http://www.engadget.com/2014/11/13/taylor-swift-label-disputes-6-million-payout/?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=gravity&utm_campaign=Engadget&ncid=gravityppc&cps=gravity it also looks like some of her mates are pulling their music from Spotify as well.

The Truth Is Out There

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... Maybe if more of the top artists pull their music from Spotify, Spotify will have to pay all artists a bigger cut.


Fixing it for you:

"Maybe if more of the top artists pull their music from Spotify, their labels will have to pay all artists a bigger cut."


As has been pointed out, Spotify pays the rights holders, not the artists, except for the very few cases where the artists both own the rights to their own music and are big enough to have negotiated their own licensing with Spotify.

"People hear what they see." - Doris Day

The forum would be a much better place if everyone were less convinced of how right they were.

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