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2014 Mac Mini: Do all of them have the PCI-e SSD capability?


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Well yes and no. All of the motherboards of the 2014 mini have the PCIe connector on them, but when you buy a unit with just a spinning HD, you do not get the special cable required to go from the motherboard to the edge connector of the PCIe Flash drive that mounts across the top of the drive area. Nor is Apple currently selling those cables--or the Flash drive certified for Mac mini use (though I read that it is the same one as used in Macbook Airs).


Please take a look at iFixit.com's updated teardown of the 2014 mini. Here is a direct link to step 9 which has good photos of exactly what I am talking about:


BTW, I have verified that my Mac mini DC-conversion/Linear Fan Controller Kit ('MMK', $135) is compatible with the 2014 mini.

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