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Cheap DACS, HDMI here we go again

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Ok, so i am cheap. I am not willing to spend thousands on a dac. I took for granted what others have said about HDMI and skipped that route all together. I tried a dragonfly 1.0 first, and then I tried several other dacs, including a sony $1000 and a $300 Korg. I could definetely tell the difference between the dragonfly and either the sony or the korg. I couldn't say the sony sounded any better than the Korg. Anyway, i hated not being able to control the volume from the pc like i was able to with the dragonfly so I tried the dragonfly 1.2. It was marginally better than 1.0, if noticable at all. Anyway, being cheap as I am, i decided to buy a current model receiver that is capable of decoding DSD with internal dacs. I don't know about all this jitter stuff, but to me the burr brown internal dacs in the onkyo nr535 sound MUCH better than the dragonfly, and i would say it was just as good if not better than the KORG or SONY more expensive external dacs.


I am contemplating trying the nano ifi micro that everyone talks about, but i wonder if i will like it any better than the internal dacs on current model DSD dacs in the onkyo. I picked up the onkyo NR535 for $195 after reading great reviews and seeing that it handles dsd files.


Can i expect the ifi nano micro to be better?? I know everyone here says hdmi is shit, but my question has anyone really compared any current model dsd receivers internal dac to the ifi nano micro??

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There might be another option for changing the volume on the receiver without having to resort to digital, bit destroying, volume control. Using your phone or pad and an App to adjust the volume on the receiver. For Denon, Marantz and McIntosh there is a decent iOS one called DeRemote. Also helps with starting Pandora, internet radio, etc. Would not surprise me if there is an App for the Onkyo as well.

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Thanks Tranz. I have decided the pc volume control isn't important anymore....the ifi nano has a manual volume control. My main question now is has anyone compared the ifi micro to current model receivers with dsd dacs. The burr browns in the onkyo sound with dsd decoding via usb sound every bit as good if not better than the $1000 sony or the $300 Korg to me. Flacs over hdmi sound pretty impressive too...I will likely use the onkyo as a hub and use zone outs to a nad amp as my end solution.


Hell the ifi micro is only $300..i think i will try it. Anyone thinking about upgrading and want to sell theirs for $250 dlvd?


Also does the ifi micro come with any software? One thing i liked about the Korg is that it came with audiogate and you could convert files to dsd.

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i dont know where you buy, but i see it all time for $300 or less, and with my amazon prime account i can get it shipped free too.


You're looking at a different DAC. The iFi Micro iDAC (up to 24/192 PCM) sells for $299 on Amazon. The iFi iDSD Micro ($499) is not available on Amazon.


Amazon.com: iFi Micro iDAC High Definition (24/192) Asynchronous USB Digital Audio Converter (DAC): Electronics

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i dont know where you buy, but i see it all time for $300 or less, and with my amazon prime account i can get it shipped free too.


Hi Mike,


I think you are looking at the iFi Nano iDSD vs the more expensive iFi Micro


You can get it here for $189 -


IFI Nano iDSD DAC at Music Direct


By all accounts it looks like a very flexible and inexpensive DAC and most likely worth an audition.

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yes,i see it all time for $300 or less, and with my amazon prime account i can get it shipped free too.uQqs47uQqs47


What's your point...i admitted i made a mistake..that it was an idac micro that is under $300.

Anyway, knowing it is $500, and then they suggest a iusb power on top of it...it is very near the price of marantz, so i probably won't buy one anymore, unless it is cheap and used...i am happy with KORG for $300 and free audiogate software....i think for $500 and recommended ifi power, i might as well go marantz....i think they will need to lower their prices if they want to stay competitive and keep up their sales....i give it 6 months before it is $300 or less.

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