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Thunderbolt out of a Windows PC? Good idea vs USB?

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I'm considering a Lynx Hilo that can be purchased with USB in or Thunderbolt in. Thunderbolt is interesting because it would provide me a simple way to daisy-chain two Hilos for an 8-channel system. But that could also be done using USB, although not as elegant a connection between Hilos.


My #1 concern is sound, though. Is a PCI Thunderbolt card a better option than a PCI USB card as an interface with a DAC? I do have a PPA USB card, which is of course "audio grade", while I'm not aware such an option is available in Thunderbolt.



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Thanks for the input. Your answer makes me wonder you might have understood I'm asking about TB for connection to storage. I am talking about streaming out through TB vs. USB.


Ah sorry... thunderbolt is generally a motherboard level option because it effectively extends the PCIe bus itself. Haven't heard the Lynx. Can you listen to both on a laptop? If you need multiple high bitrate channels TB should perform better.

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