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Audirvana 2 Strange Behaviour

Mark P.

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Do you play A+ from a RAM disk, by any chance?


Even before 2.0, A+ has been struggling when playing from a RAM disk. Regardless of the memory I seem to allocate (RAM disk size and/or A+ size), I have been plagued by stalls marked by a high-pitched drone that is the same when it tries to play something that's yet loaded into RAM.


But don't think my issue is the same as yours. As my stalls and crashes seem to happen at the end of the first track loaded.

TF cards - USB  -> GentooPlayer in RAM on Rpi4b, Ian’s PurePi II, FIFO Q7, HDMI-pro  -> Audio GD R-27 -> S.A.T. Infinity monoblocks -> Gallo Stradas + TR-3 sub / Erzetich Phobos

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Changing in the core design impacts the whole SQ than worth it. The problems I raise can have an easy workaround. Just restart A+ more often solve the problem. I know it is annoying to do this. But, will you trade off the current SQ?


good,Hick ups occur more. If flaw caused by Apple Architecture or A+ design, I can live with it.uQqs47
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