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Tidal 'HiFi' won't work with my USB DAC.

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Had a frustrating issue pop-up today when trying to use Tidal to stream to my USB DAC (an Empirical Audio OverDrive SE), from my Mac Mini. I have the latest driver installed for Snow Leopard 10.6 (M2Tech).


The issue:

When trying to set the stream quality to "HiFi' in Tidal, it shows 'no available device' (see screenshot). This, despite the fact that I'm able to output from the Mini with Pure Music, and my ripped library just fine, and confirmed that the Mini's output is ported correctly to the DAC.


If I change the setting to 'high quality', I am able to get output to the DAC, but the 'sound output' selector field collapses.


The same issue happens when I use the web stream in Chrome, although I can't view any specific settings for DAC in that interface. Again, HiFi enabled = no sound, and lower quality settings = sound.


Big bummer if this 'HiFi' quality can't be used in my big-rig, with my external DAC.


Anyone else having this problem?



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Tidal desktop version didnt like my Mac 3.1 2007 with Snow Leopard- Hifi option not available, however i found that i could upgrade to Lion and after install no issues. so it seems that older Macs with older Osx will have issues


Thank you. Was upgrading to Lion a big deal (like Windows)? What I mean is- did you need to re-install other programs, or lose any saved configs in already installed programs?

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