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Has anybody had any experience (good or bad) with the Decco from Peachtree Audio

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Newbie to this forum here. As a bit of background I currently have an office setup as follows:


Server: SlimServer 7 running on SME (CentOS) - FLAC files

Amp: Fatman iTube

DAC/Pre: CityPulse DAC and Pre

Sources: SB3, iMac running iTunes, iPod, Arcam DV88 used as a CDP and a Roland RD700SX

Speakers: Image Studio Reference (www.imageloudspeakers.com) - They're locally made and very popular here


I've run in to a problem in that the number of inputs required has now increased and I need a preamp / DAC with 5 inputs with 1 being USB and at least 2 being analog.


In my searching around the web I came across the Decco from Peachtree Audio which looks to be quite an interesting beast. It combines a non-OS DAC, tubed Pre (with 5 inputs), headphone amp, and 50w tripath amplifier into one box including a USB input. Almost seems too good to be true. The circuit designs are those of Scott Nixon who was apparently bought onboard to help create this little toy so I'm going to assume that it's probably not too bad sounding, however I'd be interested if anybody here has used one or even heard of them.


There's been a few threads over at Head-fi and Audiocircle, but not too much.


Greatly appreciate some ideas.









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Great news! It certainly looks like an interesting product which i can only imagine will have some appeal. It's small, very conveniant, and seems to be selling like hot-cakes from what I've read elsewhere.


I'll sit back and wait for the review, however I might have even got my grubby little mits on one by the time it comes out....I don't mind gambling a little with Hifi gear from time to time........


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Hello I am new to this forum / site, and I like what I see very much. I write for an electronics site in Belgium www.madshrimps.be although 50% of our readers are USA Based. I requested an evaluation with the Decco for our site's first series of "High End (affordable) Audio" articles, mating the amp with Peachtree's own Era Design 4 speakers (given favorable coverage in Stereophile).


The Decco is all about Scott Nixon chip-Amp with vacuum tube and USB DAC section based on Phillips TDA1543. The Amplifier and speakers are still breaking in and sounding better every day.


What suprised me most was how musical it was the very first day! Very detailed in the high frequencies with excellent bottom end control so far the only thing which hasn't come thorugh as "warm" is the mid-range and I am sure this is due to breeak in both on the amplifier and speakers. Solid state electronics need time they need to have urrent constantly flowing through until they break in.


The ability of this amplifier to image is very precise with a relativel wide open sound-stage. The amp can rock and roll or play acoustical with equal aplomb. I always feel an important test of any amplifier speaker combo is how it sounds when you leave the room. Do you forgt it hearing noise, or does it sound as if there's a concernt in your listening room. Playing The Essential Neil Diamond, live tracks such as Holly Holy wafted throughout the house the sound of individuals in the audience was convincing.


The Decco can definately play complex recording's having no difficulty keeping layers in-tact without collapsing in on itself as dymaics increased. The cost is mid-fi the sound is distinctly high-end with all that "should" entail. I will be reccomneding this amp and perhaps even incorporating it into my test reference system as an example of what every hybrid integrated amp with USB DAC stage should aspire to. Given it's price the competition should be worried. I'll be testing it with a pair of Cain & Cain Abby's in a few weeks, which are an entirely different animal from the Era Desgn-4 mini-monitors.


Tecon Model 55 Sep (Burr Brwon DAC)[br]Peachtree Decco hybrid Phillips DAC)[br]ADM9.1 powered (Wolfson DAC)[br]Cain & Cain Abby passivw single driver[br]ADM-9.1[br]Assosrted cables

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Hi Liquid3D,


Thanks very much for your response. Interesting to get your feedback on the Decco. Certainly does look like a great value for money product and having Scott Nixon's circuit designs will certainly propel it upward from the 'mid-fi' arena.


Interestingly, mine arrived in the country last week while I was away on business so I'm looking forward to getting it in the next day or so. I have had to import one as nobody here sells them yet. I'll post my findings as soon as I have it in my hands.








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this looks like a pretty cool device. does anybody know what diff sample rates the USB can take? I really like the sonos thing too. pretty cool idea. too bad the sonos can't stream anything higher than 48 bits i will be real interested to hear some reviews on this unit.




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Hey Liquid3D - Thanks a lot for the post here on Computer Audiophile. The more opinions we have about products the better. I hope to have some info shortly.


As far as the USB DAC goes I am guessing it will max out at either 16/44.1 or 16/48. Please don't quote me on that, but without evidence to the contrary I'm going with this for now :-)


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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