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Rdio from my MacBook Air to my stereo system

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forgive me I'm new here. I would like to listen to Rdio from my MacBook Air to my stereo stereo system. I used the headphone mini plug that split to two rca plugs to my aux of my integrated tube amp. This did work but not good sound at all. do I just get a dac like a dragonfly 1.2 or something better to get cd quality sound? my budget would be $400-$500. thanks for any info

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not an expert, but I suspect the headphone jack gets its analogue signal from an internal soundcard which most probably costs a few dollars only.


So yes, an external DAC would be better way to convert the digital data to analogue.

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A dragonfly 1.2 is a fine way to try out Computer Audio.

@ USD 500 you can do better, have a look around CA.


I like the idea of Schiit, perhaps the Bifrost with USB.

Others will have other preferences, just make sure the DAC does PCM.

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