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System without a system.

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I used to think that I'd like to build a system based round a... server.


In the meantime I bought a NAS, because I have numerous networked desktops, with wired ethernet & wifi, and fibreoptic broadband, it just made sense, a central store. I put all the CDs on the NAS, kind of by-the-way.


I found a couple of Celestion Dittons for a price I blush to remember at a ham radio meet, and since I had a T-amp and PSU handy, I connected them up to the TV. There's more volume than I'll ever need.


I then acquired a tablet with HDMI out as part of the general trend. I got a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse for the tablet, and an HDMI cable. The tablet drives the TV with full-res HD video and sends sound to the TV DAC, so I can sit in my chair and work the mouse on the TV with the Bluetooth and stream video and music from the NAS to the TV via the tablet over Wi-fi. I control the volume and select the HDMI with the TV remote.


None of these parts make any appreciable noise (no fans). And it all happened more-or-less without any great effort on my part.


My system without a system.

Mike zerO Romeo Oscar November


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What is the model of TV dac?

You seem to have speakers, an amp, a TV dac, a tablet, a bluetooth keyboard and a NAS, it has a lot of components that most people have in their systems, maybe I'm not understanding the thread or do you think a system has to have a server and dac rather than a TV dac to be a system?







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I can plug any S/PDIF DAC into the TV, but the DAC in the TV is fine, I've no idea what DAC it is, but I like it.


I have a lot of stuff round here, a DAW with PCI soundcard, mixer, midi interface, DI box, guitars, bass, keyboards, raspberry pi, Linux boxes running CNC machines. More amplifiers than you could shake a stick at. Lots of these are systems that required design and implementation.


No, what I mean is that the existence of the music system is incidental to the other functions I required, that it didn't take any particular effort on my part, that it has no dedicated software to run it, and it has no server as such. The functions are split between the NAS & the tablet. No PC or Squeezebox, Linux desktop, command line frigging around. I just select a track on the NAS in the file manager on the tablet and click on it and it plays.


I plugged this stuff together to improve the TV sound, and let me display the tablet on it. I keep the CDs on the NAS for convenience when loading tracks onto a DAP. I ended up with a system that can play any track I've got, that performs this task as a side effect.


When I unplug the tablet and take it with me, the system no longer exists.


I just thought some members might be unaware that a complete system can be assembled purely by using some equipment which is becoming increasingly commonplace in many households.

Mike zerO Romeo Oscar November


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