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I am putting my Meitner MA-1 Digital-to-Analog converter up for sale for $4250 or best offer. Meitner Audio: MA-1 Stereo D/A Converter I bought a Lampizator 7 ($10k+).


I am the first owner of this DAC. This DAC has the latest firmware upload (from last month) and it sounds amazing. I have the original boxes and accessories (stored at my in laws house on Long Island). Shipping is free via FED EX anywhere in the lower 48 states. It has lived in my rack, closed off from children and in a smoke free/pet free environment. Though I guess it got some surface scratches when I put it in the rack. For $250 I will throw in an ifi .7m Gemini cable, an ifi iusb micro power supply, and a pair of 3' Belden based balanced cables.


It is one of the best DAC's currently available. It does DSD natively and does 2x DSD upsampling of PCM files. It will basically decode anything you throw at it. You have to hear the DAC to understand. Regardless, don't take my word for it. Google for the glowing reviews.





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Nice DAC!!!!

New simplified setup: STEREO- Primary listening Area: Cullen Circuits Mod ZP90> Benchmark DAC1>RotelRKB250 Power amp>KEF Q Series. Secondary listening areas: 1/ QNAP 119P II(running MinimServer)>UPnP>Linn Majik DSI>Linn Majik 140's. 2/ (Source awaiting)>Invicta DAC>RotelRKB2100 Power amp>Rega's. Tertiary multiroom areas: Same QNAP>SMB>Sonos>Various. MULTICHANNEL- MacMini>A+(Standalone mode)>Exasound e28 >5.1 analog out>Yamaha Avantage Receiver>Pre-outs>Linn Chakra power amps>Linn Katan front and sides. Linn Trikan Centre. Velodyne SPL1000 Ultra

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