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iFi micro IDSD help with JRiver/JPlay/Audiophile Optimiser/Win2012 R2 core on Audio PC

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Hi, I was hoping for some specific help. I just got the ifi and need some help with the JRiver settings. What I want to accomplish is playing all PCM at 4xDSD. It doesn't seem this DAC will work at 4x native only 2x DOP in DSP Studio. I'm not sure if I should use the 'DSD bitstream in DOP' Audio Device settings of the JPlay driver in JRiver. I had a Luxman DA06 that I just sold and everything worked fine and easily at 2x DSD native. Can anyone help with some settings?? I've played with many different settings but can only get DSP Settings to work with DOP.


thanks very much!


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First can you use the IFI ASIO driver in J.River? Under driver setting is the DSD bitstream in DoP format is unchecked. Go to the DSD studio select output encoding to 2xDSD in native format. Does it work? Then try the 4xDSD in native format. On my J.River 20 works just fine.

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I had similar issues with JPlay and the iFi iDSD DAC. Ended up using the iFi driver in Jriver and to play 4xDSD I had to set driver to 100ms with my music server. For me 4xDSD was the best sounding setting (output encoding in DSP) for that DAC IMO. Even over native DSD that I own.


But as good as that sound was, I still preferred my Wadia 121 DAC with LPS - which does not do DSD. But I really did not miss even native DSD compared to the musicality I get from the Wadia. FYI disclosure - I have been a Wadia fan-boy for years....just could never afford their players. Now the Wadia 321 DAC has been out a while, yet it might as well be vapor ware as seems no one has it, and no reviews from the "big" reviewers.

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Why not run JRiver on both?

2 reasons - my audiopc is a caps 3 - I like to use JRiver to do 2xDSD on the fly and the caps isn't powerful enough. The other reason is I have an 8 bay ESATA storage case connected to my controlpc which is in another room. I don't want the noise of the case in the same room as the audiopc.

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