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How to listen musik on audiophile level with a computer

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I'm from Germany and I am attacking the issue of listening musik in very high quality with a computer as a musik source.

I did dig into this subject a year ago and started to DIY speakers and have some DIY amps in work.


Now my big issue right now is what do I have to do with my PC to be able to use it as music player.


I started to ripp all my music (CD's) into the wav format as it is looseless. I used EAC (exact audio copy) for this.

Now for developing my my speakers I bought a Tascam U144 external USB Soundcard in a bundle with a measurement mic to measure the room and the frequency of the speakers and chasis.

This soundcard has a D/A converter. I think it is not too bad but maybe not audiophile!

I learned that I cannot use iTunes or Songbird (which more symphathic to me) to play wav and show cover as wav has no id3 tag (very confusing topic!!)


My points I'd like to develop together with you:

1.) What hardware setup do i need for my pc to be as audiophile as possible (from power source to DAC)

2.) What can I do to bundle my wav files with any kind of meta data that I can play it and see the cover as well in perfect quality.

3.) how could I than be prepared for the next level after audiophile stereo pc setup comes the HD and BlueRay Sound and movie. What is an audiophile multi chanal setup?



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On itunes I'm not sure your right about the wav issue. I dont use and have not used it for a while, but I recall you can assign cover art to the albums for wav files and play them just fine. Lets let some others clarify this for you so don't give up on it just yet. On points 1,2,3 this is a big order and we need some more info from you! Some questions:

1. version of windows you prefer

2. tower, desktop, or laptop

3. do you prefer firewire, usb or internal card

4. what other equipment will you use

5. time frame for your project

6. budget for the project


To quote the movie jerry maguire, "help me help you" hehehe


That makes two quotes today....pretty scary!


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To play wav files and have all the tags and artworks, you can use mediamonkey. However, the current version of mediamonkey has a problem that will be fixed with next release. Currently mediamonkey adds all the metadata to the end of the wav file which works ok except that when you play the file, mediamonkey will also see those additional data as audio data so at the end of the track, you will get this popping, scratching noise. Mediamonkey is awared of the problem and is promised to fix it with their next update. In the mean time, if you tag wav file in mediamonkey, this change is permanent and when you update mediamonkey, the popping noise will not go away unless you use wav editor to excise the last ms of the track. At least that's what mediamonkey told me.


Personally I think a PC with Lynx card is as good as many high end CD transports for sure.



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1. Actualy I did change to Kunbuntu some time ago, but I have still a XP as well.

2. It'a kind of desktop, it is a nice Alu housing.

3. That's part of my unknowlage, what is best also to not have any power source influences

4. I am thinking about a Soundcard from Marian, a buddy told me that's a good one. But I tried to get some further ideas here.

5.the path is the goal.(not shure about translation) ;-)

6. I need alwys to have a target price of the ideal thing and than I can get used to the price level and finaly you think it's very cheep, isn't it like this for everyone? ;-)


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I read about one or the other software which is adding the Meta data to wav files, but i read also that you brake the container with that and that this is not in compliance with the standard. I am a little scared that I'll blow my files?


I had a look to the lynx card and the Spec is looking very good, but This is again a sound card for recordings optimized. I am looking a little bit to find a card which is dedicated for listening in highest quality. I mean the development clearly was for recording.

What do you think about this?


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