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RAL KEB02iP Headphone Amplifier

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Moon-Audio has a new headphone amp/DAC called the RAL KEB02iP. I believe it comes from South Korea. It sells for $349.99. It seems to be a very capable DAC! It uses the ESS 9018 dac. It is also iphone/iPad certified (it will play hi rez files directly from your iDevice with the usb card reader cable). The other product i've seen that does all this us the ADL X1 and that one sells for over $500. More info at RAL KEB02iP dac headphone amplifier | High End Headphones | Moon-Audio.com If your familiar with this product or know if any posted reviews let me know!

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Mike Mercer, a reviewer who posts here -- and who is very active on head-fi -- reported hearing it at CanJam and says he'll be doing a review. His brief show report impression was very positive!

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