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Opus Melody

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Anyone see the new Melody Opus?


Here's what I know about it. It can access your library on iTunes via wireless or wired. It has a USB port but it's only for connecting an external drive or an ipod with some connector. I have them checking on the built in DAC's cause that's what kinda makes this something I would be interested in.


The other thing that they told me is that it will come with an imbedded webbased control to change music vie internet if you weren't in the same room with the unit. Just like signal you use an ip address to access it and you would then be controlling the Melody, not iTunes. I asked if you were at your compuer if you changed music via iTunes what would happen and he said nothing it has to be through the Melody.


Anyone else here use a Opus right now? What do you all think of it's sound quality for DAC use?




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