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Dirac Download Issue


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Decided to pop for the stereo version of Dirac on the same day my trial ran out. Went to the site, put in the information, got the return email from Avantgate, but the page it directed me to only had a trial version as an option. I thought that perhaps this was an oversight, but sure enough when I tried to download I got a "failed" message. Hopefully the good folks at Dirac will clear this up, but in the meantime I am seriously frustrated. Hope it doesn't take to long. The contact us option only listed general and technical inquiries. Mine really didn't fit either.


Flavio if you are out there throw me lifeline!!! You get me hooked on Dirac and now I can't use it. ;-)

2012 MacMini 8G ram -> Audirvana + 3.0 -> Mcintosh MHA 100> Nordost > Audeze LCD X

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