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Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 & OSX Yosemite Issues

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Anyone else tried or having issues with the Dragonfly DAC on Yosemite? I'm now getting pops or clicks in the sound, and they appear to be tied to the DAC somehow.


I've tried multiple softwares including base iTunes and no difference.

They are not random, they always in the same places on any given track.

I've tried my Cypher Labs Theorem 720 and no issues there, those same songs play flawlessly.


I've tried all the usual stuff like restarting, trying another USB port, etc.


Anyone else tried this setup or have ideas for me?

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OK, more troubleshooting and new, yet strange, info to share.


It seems to somehow be related to the volume control in OSX. So I discovered the issue in my normal setup, volume at max in OSX and Dragonfly feeding my powered desktop speakers. Then I turned the volume down one notch in the OS and turned up the volume a bit on the speakers to compensate, the issue is still there but the pops are a little quite and in different places in the song. Then I turned the volume down one more notch in the OS (so it's at 14 of 16) and again adjust speaker volume up to compensate, and the issue totally disappears, or at least drops to a level where I can't hear it.


So then I plugged my speakers directly into the audio jack on the iMac and with the volume in the OS at max I still get the occasional pop sound, without even using the Dragonfly, though the pops are quite and much less frequent. Then I back the volume down one notch int he OS and the issue disappears again.


I've tried this in VLC and iTunes with and without BitPerfect in use.


What the hell...?

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