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make sure you play something that is a multiple of your hirez file so when Amarra Mini turns off (it turns off after 24/96) and you go to, say HRX, that the last thing you played was 24/88.2 (half of 176.4). Same goes for 24/192 stuff...make sure Amarra last played a 24/96 file. Itunes doesn't switch (of course), but at least your downsample is mathematically correct. :)


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"Bummer, an extra $1100 for 24/176-192 as I'm highly unlikely to use the other functions."


What a waste, if true. I was planning to purchase an Amarra Lite, but I'm not interested in anything that is not capable of 24/176.4 and 24/192. Thanks but the Mac OS/toslink limits of 24/96 is the very reason I left my Mac laptop behind for greener pastures.


Thank goodness for the CA recommended "Audiophile Reference Music Server For A Song" and the free cMP/cPlay. Want something less expensive - substitute the Juli@ interface card for the Lynx AES16 card and save $500.


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