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iFi Audio iUSB Power Supply + Gemini Cable + iPurifier

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Once more, I've overbought various audio toys -- my loss is your really good price.


These three items are being sold as a package.


In near new condition, in original boxes, with all accompanying items, such as cables with the iUSBPower.


All three items sell new for $477

My price = $300, with shipping included in the CONUS


Any questions?


Dave, who is still keeping duplicates of things like the iUSB


P.S. These photos are borrowed from the web, but if you need to see photos of the actual items I'm selling, let me know.





Music is love, made audible.


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No one has bought yet, but some interesting questions about these iFi products vs. the TotalDac D1 USB cable/filter, which I have in one of my two MAIN systems, with the iFi in the other.


Here's one way of looking at it: For $300, the iFi benefits the sound more than half better compared with the $600 TotalDac, but the TotalDac is clearly better overall, with even richer sound than the iFi at twice this price.


Yes, it's not an absolute in the audio world that you get what you pay for, but more money spent wisely tends to do more for sound quality than less money spent wisely.


But we don't all -- any of us? -- have the unlimited funds for audio toys that we might wish we had.


Dave, who has been reminded recently that audio can make bicycles look like a cheap interest even if one has many bicycles like I do


Music is love, made audible.


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