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Which version of A+ and iTunes should I use on older Mac Mini?


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I apologise if this is covered extensively elsewhere in which perhaps a kind soul could point me in the right direction.


I have a mac mini based system running Audirvana plus which has been fine for several years although as I listen to FM radio most of the time I only use it occasionally.


My mac mini is several years old and when I first started to use Audirvana plus I think I was told NOT to update the iTunes system. Recently when I tried to use A+ without thinking updated the A+ software to 1.5.12 and now the A+ software says it is "initialising" or something similar when I try to use it as despite de-activating the iTunes controls (as per usual A+ instructions) I think the music is being controlled by iTunes and not A+


I think my systems are out of sync.


My systems are as follows:


Mac Mini running OSX 10.6.8 connected to external FS Drobo

iTunes version 11.2.2.(3)

A+ version 1.5.12 just recently downloaded but the icon which comes up on my desktop is not the usual black pic of the A+ software but a white slab - is that significant or just a change in icon design?


I think I tread somewhere that if one has an older Mac Mini (mine is several years old - can't remember exact year) one should use A+ software version 1.4.3 as it is very stable. I have tried to download this but the Audirvana site doesn't seem to be opoerating correctly.


Should I update any of my OSX systems, iTunes software or A+ software or try to go back to any previous versions?


Help please!


Thanks in advance.



2010 Mac Mini 4Gb Firewired to Weiss DAC202, Drobo FS, Viva Solista 845/TAPX Pre or Tron Nucleus pre or Paul Hynes/Pre/Croft Twinstar 4/5 or GC modded Leak 20 s, LothX Polaris, TDL Monitor tmls, Music Player still completely unsure and perplexed.

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Hi Neil


TBH I would would class an early polycarbonate Mac Mini as "older". A 2010 Unibody has either a 2.4Ghz or 2.66ghz Core2Duo and will support up to 16Gb of memory. It also has more than enough grunt to run Yosemite.


Your best bet would be to up the installed ram to at least 8Gb, upgrade the OS to either Mavericks or Yosemite, and install current iTunes.




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