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SM Pro Audio Nano Patch + Passive Volume Attenuator

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I saw some conversations a week back or so about something just like this; I've upgraded to the M Patch 2 for multiple active monitors in my current mastering setup, but I figured I would put this up here just in case anyone has a use - near mint condition, used for about a year, this thing's pot is super smooth and extremely useful - if anyone is still controlling volume digitally, this absolutely makes a difference. Can go XLR or 1/4" in, there is also a 1/8" jack that works fine too (I only tried it once or twice). 1/4" out balanced or unbalanced.


$35 shipped US Cont via PayPal, can figure out shipping for other parts if needed.


I've also listed a Peachtree DAC•IT and will be putting up an Asgard 2 headphone amp, although the Pot in the Asgard 2 is pretty impeccible so I don't know what you'd do with both of these...


Any questions can be sent through PM here or [email protected].


Amazon.com: SM Pro Audio Nano Patch + Passive Volume Attenuator: Everything Else

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