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Peachtree Dac It (96/24 Model - S/PDIF, TOSLINK, USB IN)

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I'm listing Peachtree's original Dac•It USB DAC, which can run up to 96/24 via USB but can do 192/24 over S/PDIF; most people here probably know a lot about this little champion, I'm sort of sad to see him go but his main use in my system was S/PDIF from Zone 1-> RCA in my Zone 2 room, and Zone 2 is getting an upgrade.


The unit is in 'near' mint condition, no scratches, dings, etc; I still have the remote and original manual (and power supply, too, of course), but not it's original box. I do ship records for a living, so please note it will be shipped with great, great care.


I'm asking $225 including shipping (US CONT), we can do PayPal gift to ignore their 3.5%.


I will post pictures tonight, any questions can be asked here or [email protected].


I'm also about to list a passive volume attenuator and Schiit Asgard 2 headphone amp (runs great, just upgrading to something else), we can combine shipping if there is any interest in those as well.



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