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Hosa CDL-313 Coaxial Data Link AES/EBU to SPDIF Converter

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on the topic and this is what I found:

Product 1. Hosa Interface for AES to SPDIF, model CDL-313. The hosa is around $130 and claims its compatable with all spdif formats. I did not like this one (even though its probably the safest bet) because it is an active device and requires power.

Product 2 Canere 110-75 ohm Digital Audio Impedance Transformer, model BCj-XJ-A10TRA. The Canere adapter is inline, cheap, converts the xlr to bnc and fixes the ohms issue, but its output with a 5Vpp input is around 1.26Vpp. Mabie this is better than no voltage drop at all.

Product 3 From http://proaudio.uk.com/prod_dip.htm a - SAP XF BF - XLR female with level adjustment 0,5 Vss / 75 ohms (SPDIF). This I really liked this one and its passive. I would have bought it, but I didnt end up needing it.


Frank, I am using the Lynx L22 and its analog into my dac. The digital is only up to 24/96 though and I have had problems with switching between different sample rates. We think the problem is with my processor. The analog is awesome and simple! Lynx tells me the dac on the card is as good as a 5k dac. Check it out!


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but I agree #3 looks like the best....


This is what they told me about buying it:

"Hi JR,

As I believe you are located in the USA I think you would be better off talking to & purchasing the SAP XF BF directly from the DIP manufacturers in Germany. This would be more cost efficient and less time consuming for you.


Please contact:

Wolfgang Schneider

C4-Audio Systeme Gmbh

Elmring 11





Tel: +49 5353 941000

Email: [email protected]


Wolfgang will also be able to answer your queries regarding jitter performance for the SAP XF BF.


If you want the Neutrik device they are available in the USA by their distributors.




Ian Harley"


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