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Apple People vs. Microsoft People....

Paul R

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I am really confused.


  • I think both Facebook and Dell would be horrible places to work.
  • And I like both The Godfather and Pulp Fiction.
  • And for sure, both Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightly are hot.

Dave, a bi-company kind of guy who also thinks MS Word on the Mac is a great program because of all the freedom to make changes it affords


Music is love, made audible.


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Have to say I'm surprised that "Apple People" don't think Monsanto is the evil mega-corp. I hear that on a regular basis in my Facebook feed.


Other than that, it was mildly amusing. I think an iOS vs. Android comparo might be funnier.

Office: MacBook Pro - Audirvana Plus - Resonessence Concero - Cavailli Liquid Carbon - Sennheiser HD 800.

Travel/Portable: iPhone 7 or iPad Pro - AudioQuest Dragonfly Red - Audeze SINE or Noble Savant

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