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My Windows 8.1 computer won't see my network.


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I just received my new Small Green Computer Sonic Orbiter player. I have installed it where my Vortexbox was. My computer sees the Sonic Orbiter as a media device but not as a computer preventing me from accessing the file structure to move my music.


I have no trouble accessing the Sonic Orbiter GUI from my browser.


I have tried everything I know, so there must be something I don't know involved.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You have probably already tried these options, but: Are the in the same Workgroup or Domain? Is file sharing turned the Sonic Pc? If you do a ipconfig on the Sonic PC does it have the a suitable IP address? Can you make a folder on the Sonic Pc and share it to all and see if you can see it on your network? These are a few things that come to mind.

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