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new dac (TeddyDac) means new problems!

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Hey guys!


Finally managed to get my hand on a real DAC! the TeddyDac landed here yesterday and i am very pleased with the resault! this is far better then all the toys i had before (Geek, Vdac2, Hegel HD2).


but alas, nothing can ever go smooth and i am having some driver problems. mind you this is the older version dac with the synchronus usb.


The first problem is latency.. im getting alot of pops and jumps (sort of cuts in the music). not as much as with my Vdac2, i CAN listen to music - but every once in a few minutes things will jump for a minute and then settle.


second problem - it seems my computer dosnt like this DAC and always finds reasons not to work with him! if i switch the DAC from USB to SPDIF to play my transport and then back to USB - it wont work! Foobar will give me an error and i will have to restart my computer. also, if i try to use Kernel streaming it will work with the current play list but once i try to add more songs i get another error and again need to restart.


I do have a bunch of drivers from different dacs i had over the years, maybe i should remove all of them and install only one driver (that you guys reccomend..)


anyway - thank you very much for your time!

Tank Out!

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I suggest you write Teddy: [email protected]


He answers email

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