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TEAC AI-501DA unbalanced sound. Please help!

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I recently got a TEAC AI-501DA in addition to KEF LS50s.


I am using the AudioQuest USB A->B Carbon cable connecting to my iMac streaming FLAC through the TEAC HR Audio Player to the TEAC AI-501DA.


Using the best gauge speaker wire you can get from Monoprice.


I notice that the right speaker gets more volume. This is especially noticeable when I turn the volume way down to the point where I can only hear the right speaker (faintly) and the left is silent.


The dB gauges indicate that the left speaker indeed is performing slightly lower.


I made sure all of the wiring is perfect. This is the only hiccup I have. Can anyone help me out?


I am also waiting for TEAC to respond to my ticket.



You can view a recording here:


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That is quite a bit of difference actually. The amp is delivering more power to the right speaker. To prove this you can temporary switch the speakers cables and see if the left side will be louder. Does you iMAC any sort of a balance control?


Yep. that's exactly what i did. i switched the plugins at the DAC and the effect was reversed. So it's defiantly the DAC/amp. I also i tried streaming from windows and the effect was the same. I cannot control the balance on the mac for the TEAC USB volume output. the controls are all locked.


Anyway, I ordered a new TEAC AI-501DA from AMZN and received it today. Tests confirm the previous unit was indeed off-balance. The new one I got sounds much more balanced. The dB indicators support this. Much more balanced. The offset seems to have significantly been reduced. Will be returning the defective one.


I am curious, is there a way to control the balance and power of the 501DA either through hardware or software tweaks? It seems to be a all-in-one simple enclosed unit. Any thoughts?

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