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Need integrated Amp recommendations for Monitor Audio RX-6's

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Graham, the LM's sound lucious but I'm not really in to tube amps. I saw last week Creek has a new amp, the Evolution 100A. Can't find much info on it but I think it falls between the Evolution 50A and the Destiny 2. Has anyone else heard or read info on it? If so please share. I've narrowed down the top contenders:


Exposure 3010 S2

Roksan Kandy K2

Rega Brio R

Creek Destiny 2


Though some of my choices are out of my original price range I figure I might wait until after the holidays. Hopefully when the new round of stereo components exhibit they'll push some of the older models out and owners will want something more up-to-date and offer their old "stuff" for a reachable price.

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I've played around with my speakers and subwoofer and now have a pretty wide sound stage. It's still not accurate (voices and instruments inappropriately bleed over to the opposite speaker @ times) but the center stage is now appropriately filled. Those of you who've heard the amps they recommended, could you please tell me which ones have a wonderfully deep & high as well as lateral sound stage. Could you also add whether or not the soundstage is detailed and focused or blurred and to what degree (eg. a little, moderately or blurred a lot). I'm probably bordering on analytical, but not quite. As I guess you see, precise imaging is probably no. 1 on my must have list. If anyone has any experience with the Marantz PM-15S2 I'd really like to hear about it (in great detail). Thanks!

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