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Importing at 16 bit/48kHz iTunes on Win XP (AIFF)


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I've just noticed that I can change the import settings with AIFF to 16 bit, 48 kHz. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to changing this setting. Intuitively it seems to me I'd want to import (I'm ripping off a CD) at the highest bit-rate I can....but I'm not sure if this will present problems down the road.





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Hi Murph - I think this would be a big mistake. You can't get something out of nothing, hence 44.1 is all you can get out of a CD. Ripping at 48 would mess things up in my opinion. Since 48 is not even a multiple of 44.1 (like 88.2 and 176.4) it may be even worse than I think.


Hopefully more people can chime in here.


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I would definitely recommend ripping stuff at the resolution it's recorded at ( so 44.1/16 for CD ) - otherwise, you are at the mercy of the sample rate converter within the ripper, which is stored for ever ( well, unless you restart the whole process ). If you want to mess about with sample rates, it's much better to this later on during playback, and if you don't like the sound of a rate converter, you're not stuck re-ripping everything...


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here's an interesting thread from "The Art Of Sound" digital forum, in which it appears to me they are re-setting the core audio setting in Mac OS to higher than 44.1 for ripping CDs. The originator of the thread also re-set his core audio output frequencies to 24 and 32 /192 but ended up changing them back. I may be misunderstanding what is going on with this thread...but thought y'all might find it interesting or be able to shed some light on what they are talking about....




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