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New Windows 9/TH


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I saw the rumour about Windows 9 being free too, but there will be no Windows 9. They are going to release Windows 10 around the middle of 2015.


Microsoft reveals Windows 10... no, really | News | PC Pro


How a Digital Audio file sounds, or a Digital Video file looks, is governed to a large extent by the Power Supply area. All that Identical Checksums gives is the possibility of REGENERATING the file to close to that of the original file.


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Hello Sandyk,


Yes Thanks for the info.


My question was related to the Windows 10 audio drivers (I am using a CAPS running Windows 8) because I Read that a lot of sound quality problems were reported with Windows 8.1...


I'am ready to upgrade to W10 but i want to avoid such unpleasant experience...


Anyway it is much to early to have an answer to my questions !!!









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I had seen that rumor as well that the upgrade for win 8 users will be free. Can't recall where I saw it though. May have been in the raft of e-mails I have been receiving from Microsoft recently as I recall it seemed to be something official where I saw it.

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