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I am having a hard time also! I don't think I am using it correctly though. I am trying to rip a Disturbed - Believe DVDA into wave files in 24/48 and when I go through and select my MLP tracks and check all the boxes that allow me to rip it it rips it and gives me 2 sets per track but they are only 14 and 28K - about 1 sec. of buzz and that's it. It kicks up the message that it was converted correctly and the wave files are there but like I said they are really small!




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Make sure:

1) you have picked true HiRez DVD-Audio (MLP) discs, not DVD-Video ones (like Neil Young Live At Massey Hall). The DVD-Video tracks can be ripped by other programs like DVD Audio Extractor.

2) you are ripping the Audio_TS.IFO folder, not the video one (i.e not Dolby Digital/AC3 contained in Video_TS.IFO)

3) you are selecting the title (group) set of tracks that are the stereo ones (listed as l-r) not the multichannel ones ( listed as two sets, l-r-sl-sr and c-lfe). Usually the stereo ones are listed as Title 2, but there are few standards here.


As posted here and elsewhere, if there is no dedicated 2 channel title set then a "get stereo downmix" item can be checked off, assuming the title set has a line item called "substreams 2". This process uses an imbedded SMART list that tells the downmixer how to mix 2 channel correctly. Don't confuse this legitimate mix process with the poor downmixing done by players on the fly.


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i read this suggestion on another forum and it worked for me. i have not been able to get any of the wav files to play but something magic seems to happen if i convert to flac via dbpoweramp converter. now anything i can get converted to wav will play once converted to flac.

have no idea why....


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"convert to WAV". You may be doing too much. I have some screen prints and a walk through in my HiRez Audio Circle Forum (post here) if it helps:




yes, converting to FLAC (or in my case AIFF, or Wavpack for Squeeze Center) helps for many reaosns. One, it stores metadata that you can get from taggers like MP3Tag, and also DVDAExplorer names every disc's tracks the same, something like "track-01-02[1]-02-[L-R]-24-96000" with the middle "02" being the track number. If you continue to leave them as WAV files and rip a disc that has the same resolution (i.e 24/96) it may well name it the same and wipe out your other file. Net/net, rename them and tag them.


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thx! i have a disk that it wont read all of. (rem's green.)

it identifies about 1/2 of the multi ch tracks as mlp but cant idenify any of the 2ch tracks.

but the disk is >$10 used on amazon so brfore i loose any more sleep i am going to just buy another copy and see if it is a problem with the disk.


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THX for the input. I am still having problems. When I check the convert to wave only I get an error that says "encrypted stream". Next I check the box that says IGNORE STREAM ENCRYPTION then I get an error that says "MLP decoder failed during extraction". Then I check the box that says, RECOVER FROM STREAM ERRORS and then it rips. But the file is a wave file that is only 38.7 kb (about 1 second of fuzz)!


I guess I was doing it right but this disc must be protected by Kryptonite! UGH!


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I got it figured out finally! I always had DVD43 running in the background so that must have been interfering with the rip. After I closed out of all of the other programs it worked BEA-Utifully!!! So just a heads up for those that were having problems just double check to make sure you aren't running any other programs that may interfere with reading the dvd. Just another option to try if all else is failling!




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"1) you have picked true HiRez DVD-Audio (MLP) discs, not DVD-Video ones (like Neil Young Live At Massey Hall). The DVD-Video tracks can be ripped by other programs like DVD Audio Extractor."


How does one tell the difference to know which program to use?

I have a few concert dvds I want to get on my computer but I don't know which they are.


Thanks for the help!



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If you aren't sure then they a e likely DVD-Video concert discs. Most DVD-Audio discs have little if any video content (maybe a music video of one or two songs, like Donald Fagen's the Nightlfy, etc.). This si mostly due to the higher bitrate and storage requirements of the higher rez content. Also, the DVD-Audio logo is present on DVD-A discs (99% of the time).


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