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Black Cat LectraLine interconnect cables, 1.5 meter

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This excellent pair of RCA interconnects, 1.5 meter, sold new for $400.

My price = $225, with shipping included in the CONUS.


They're in 9 out of 10 condition.


Chris Sommovigo at Black Cat has slightly tweaked these cables since I bought them last year, and here's his description now:

LectraLine Xe Interconnect


And here's a photo of the actual cables I'm selling.

[click on photo for larger image]



The reason I'm selling?

Upgrade creep in my MAIN system (see signature below), where I've become very happy with the top series of Audience cables -- the Au24 SEs -- which are distinctly better than these Black Cat LectraLine interconnects, but also cost 3 times as much.


Is that kind of upgrade worth it?

I dunno sometimes.


But I do know these Black Cats are a great value for their sonic quality when new -- and at my nearly 50% off price, one of the best values.


Dave, who makes a living by writing and perhaps posts a bit longer-than-usual for sale classifieds


Music is love, made audible.


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I use these same LectraLine interconnects in my headphone setup and I am very happy with them. At Dave's asking price, these are an absolute bargain. GLWS.

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