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Batch file conversion


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I have a large block of music from a box-set that was in the form of compressed FLAC files. The compression was quite heavy being at approximately 55% and I felt that this could be improved. I am a dbPowerAmp user and decided to use the Batch Conversion routine that comes with that software.


This all went well with dbPA converting the 100 disks worth of music from FLAC to WAVE format. The Batch Converter provides the ability to maintain the folder structure in the original source by selecting all of the folders with files for conversion. Then in the converter software I assert that the new files will be on this particular drive in this folder and that I want to preserve all the original folder names.


The following image shows the commands:




This works very well and is not difficult to get underway. I do however have one problem and wondered if anybody has found a way to deal with the extra support files for each folder. Usually comprised of the front and back jacket image, maybe a disk image and or a cue file ... it is not important exactly what extra files are present, just that they need to be copied to the new folder(s) structure.


This can be done manually with copy/paste, but this is a bit tedious and may introduce errors. Perhaps a batch file could do the job but that seems a bit old world and I am looking for a method that automates this process.


Anybody have any suggestions ?

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Thx Bogi ... I had completely forgotten about Robocopy, shows hows much DOS commands have faded into the background. Although, after looking at the help pages for the tool I am reminded also about the arcane and somewhat confusing methods of command line.


Will give it a try though and see if it does accomplish what I am attempting.


And of course, the issue may be somewhat conflicted by how seldom this task is needed to be done.

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