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Mac Mini and HDTV as monitor..etc


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Hi..I'm relatively new to integrating computer-based digital sourced content into my HiFi system. (just telling you that to inform you of my ignorance....!) In thinking about what I want to accomplish I've got a couple of questions:


1) I'd like to put a Mac Mini in my system as a media server and use the HDTV in the system as the monitor. The problem is that my HDTV (Samsung DLP) only has one HDMI/DVI input--which is currently being used by the DVD player. Does someone make a competent HDMI/DVI switch or hub that will pass the relevant information back and forth between the monitor and MM ?


2) Maybe this question is more appropriate in the Disk/Storage forum, but.....my current music library is iTunes 8.xx approx 54GB in a variety of formats-but mostly Apple Lossless, residing on a PC (Windows XP). I'd like to move this library and associated music files onto an off-board disc drive/array and use the Apple to run whatever SW I end up using. My question is, since the music already resides on a PC...can I go ahead and buy a storage solution, attach it to the PC and move the music to it , then simply attach it to the Mac when I get it up and running on my HiFi system? Are there formatting issues that may make the content in compatible with the Mac etc?


Thanks for any suggestions or clarity you can offer!





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1) Yes there are lots of good HDMI or DVI switches ... starting from tens of dollars for a Monopiece switch up to hundreds for a Gefen or other premium brand. I've never noticed any loss of quality using the lower priced Monopiece or similar.


2) You can use an external drive formatted as FAT with either windows or Mac, however if at all possible you really need to use two stages. First connect to PC and format to FAT32 and copy files to the drive. Then connect it to the Mac, copy the files to the internal hard drive and reformat using HFS+, before copying the files back. Mac OS does support FAT32 drives, but you'll loose some security and backup facilities if you do.


(Alternatively just connect to Mac and format to HFS+ and transfer the files over a network link)






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on using a Mac Mini with Samsung TV's here: http://discussions.apple.com/forum.jspa?forumID=1319


It's akin to a bed of roses, without the leaves and flowers. For the future, you should think about a receiver that can switch various HDMi sources around if your inputs add, like a Blu-ray, but getting Apple to confirm HDCP for the mini is difficult, although the press seem to think it is. This cloud has stopped me from getting a mini. The DVi output on the mac mini is not HDMI, as it doesn't support audio in the one cable, no mention of HDMI 1.3 either on the Apple web site's tech specs for the Mini.

Pity Apple is reluctant to put blu-ray into macs natively (as of now), cause it would make the mac mini something to consider again since HDCP would be built in and you'd have confidence of it working, but who's going to wait when there are other computers that already have BD built in and for some time.


For audio only the mini is a good choice.


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