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JRiver Getting Started


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I read on a thread that there is a user post out there that details how to get started with JRiver config and use. Can anyone point me to the thread/article? I'm on Widows 8.1






Yes I made two 20 minute screencast videos. Enjoy


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Is there a way to download these tutorials, or at least pause them ?



Yes, the download links are in the post I linked to (they specifically say "download MP4 video"). There is also a website to stream them, but I didn't buy their monthly bandwidth upgrade, so if the free 2GB is already used I included direct MP4 download links. Are they not working??




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When I click either the download or play link, the video opens in my browser, Firefox, and begins to play.

No option to download.


there a way to download these tutorials9ce11.jpg


Right click on the link, and select "Save Link As." The browser will then ask you where you want to save it to.

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There is no option to "Save link as", either in Firefox or IE.

What am I missing ?


? I am in Firefox right now. Go up to my last post (post #5), where I have the dropbox links. Do NOT start them, simply hover over them and right click, then pick "save link as" and it will ask you where to save the MP4 videos. Otherwise, dunno what to tell you. The in-browser videos do, in fact, have a pause button (at bottom, where timeline is), so you could do that as well.


In IE you hover and pick "save target as".

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I recently got JRiver MC20. I still have some config issues. On Windows 7, the master volume still seems to control the volume when output to my bel Canto uLink. "Disable Volume" does not seem to do it. Is there any other knob to tweak for this ?


You can use Internal Volume, and then you'll have a 64-bit volume that always works.

Matt Ashland, JRiver

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You can use Internal Volume, and then you'll have a 64-bit volume that always works.


Thanks Matt, this was a misunderstanding. I thought if I could change the volume using the speaker icon in the system tray JRiver did not get exclusive access to the Bel Canto WASAPI device. But it does have. Other sounds are not playing (eg. youtube) and the speaker icon is the Bel Canto uLink device actually. So actually I think I am good. Audiophiles are a paranoid bunch, I guess :-)

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