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CuBox, MuBox

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Hi all...

Currently I am playing with Cubox with Voyage Mubox on it... I have the Cubox i4Pro.


Powering with Anker like external battery charger (ttec 11300mAh) and I have the music on a USB stick. A Furutech GT2 Usb Cable is connected to Devialet D800.


Sounds glorious. Better than Mac or PC alternatives I have tried.


I have eSATA external HD enclosure on order to replace the USB stick, which MuBox claims increase the sound quality even further...


It seems to be a very cheap, fiddle free and very good solution as a music server/streamer.


Any other experiences with this little wonder?



Kii Three + BXT, dCS Network Bridge, Astell&Kern SP2000, Stromtank 2500, Roon Nucleus, Echole Power Cables, Mogami + Bocchino AES, SOTM Switch + CAT7 + CAT8

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Hmmm coincidence.., I use the Anker 12000mah with my cubox i4 too. Great sound, better than a $500 desktop. Quiet background, blacker blacks. I use it with an NFS mounted drive over wireless. My Anker esata enclosure turned out bad even before I used it so returning it. So I can't compare reading over WiFi and playback from local ram with esata.


Is the cubox a bargain?!! I like to laugh at people buying $500 and higher desktops with expensive PSUs and cabinets for audio now.




Sent from MiPad

(Beats the rotten Apple to the core...)

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