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PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC


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I just got a PS Audio PWD. I have a remote computer running Windows to which I have connected a DROBO via its Firewire 800 port. The Network Interface Card in the computer runs at gigabit speed and connects the computer to my router. I have an ethernet cable plugged into another port on the router. The other end of that ethernet cable goes through a converter to USB which plugs into the PWD. I am using iTunes.


Even though iTunes shows music to be playing nothing shows up at the PWD. What am I missing?




Lee Estes (Beowulf)


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The usb is an input for which you have to supply a usb-audio out of a computer. You need to connect the usb of the dac to the usb of the computer. It will detect and expect a driver to be installed at that point.


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Not to worry,


Soon you'll have your new toy, and all thoughts (and posts) even remotely related to post-purchase- anxiety will pale in comparison to the wonderful new sounds....until another attack of audiophile nervosa hits in a few months. :)


until then...

enjoy your new dac (really!)





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