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Speaker click question

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Recently I bypassed the preAmp and ran the DAC directly to the Amp.

When I hit "play" in JRiver, a soft click is heard from both speakers.

I set JRiver to a 1 sec. silence delay before playing but the click still exists.


Anyone have any info / thoughts on why the speakers make this startup click?





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This is really hard to say. I'm guessing you're saying that you used to run the DAC through the preamp and you used not to hear the soft click. If that's true, the only thing I can come up with is some weird grounding thing happening. Meaning that there is a very subtle ground problem so when you were running the computer to the DAC to the preamp, that ground ran through the preamp so the click never got transmitted. Now that the DAC is playing directly through the amp, maybe the subtle grounding noise got transmitted? Or maybe the click is not groundrelated and was always there but your preamp wasn't transparent enough to allow you to hear it? My DAC clicks when it has to lock onto the digital signal but the sound comes from the DAC, not the speakers. Anyway, if it is a grounding problem, just make sure your computer, DAC and amplifier are all plugged into the same power bar.

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