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Looking for advice on how to build low level RCA terminated cables

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We have been using several Altec Lansing 2.1 systems at first wired to phones via 3.5mm but more recently using HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth audio receivers. They sound great for background music and I've been asked if it's possible to send to all of them simultaneously. My answer was not using current bluetooth but perhaps as they are all on the first floor we could do the following:



Connect a single HomeSpot bluetooth receiver to an Audio-Authority 985U-1 AccessEZ Audio/Video Universal Distribution Amplifier (just ordered from an ebay seller - saw a recommendation for it here on the forum), then run line level runs to each of the 2.1 systems. The runs would be 15 feet and 30 feet. Wiring is easy because the systems happen to be near where there are already holes drilled in the floor for heating pipes.



I plan to build the cables myself. Can anyone recommend what type/brand of wire and RCA terminations I should use?


If anyone wants to comment on alternatives I would be very interested. Sonos is too expensive and doesn't match our single source to multi room goal.

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