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Thoughts on DSD over HDMI vs other options


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My new processor is the Emotiva XMC-1 which can play DSD streams from my Oppo off SACD discs over HDMI. I'm told it can play DSD streams from a PC over HDMI as well since it is just seeing a DSD stream and doesn't care if it's from SACD disc or .dsf file on pc.


I am using JRiver and can't seem to play DSD. I can play DSD converted to PCM on the fly (using integrated USB DAC or HDMI) with my i7 HTPC but I get errors trying to send DSD.


I am trying to determine if I'm just not configuring my PC and Jriver correctly or if there are reasons why I get a "HW won't support" error.


Also, are there sound quality concerns with using HDMI?

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Yes, we've been trying to keep an updated list of players that support DSD over HDMI over on AVS Forum since 2009, and receivers that accept DSD via HDMi since about that time too. It's not a new thing.


However, there is no DSD over HDMI spec, or drivers, for Windows or Mac that I am aware of. jRiver will not send DSD over HDMI. It will only send DSD via ASIO or DoP.

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