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Latency of A:D Converter?

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I am thinking of adding a pair of DSP Genelec subwoofers to my highend analogue system.

However the subs only take a digital input so I would have to add an A:D converter after the main preamp to supply a volume adjusted digital signal for the subs.

I am concerned that the time delay created by the extra steps will become a problem.

Comments or an alternative would be much appreciated.

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Your concern over timing is justified. An A/D converter will delay compared to the analog. Conversely if you dumb down the analog to the main speakers you lose quality.


Perhaps a a solution is from the pro stable which accepts spdif from USB and splits and filters to several other spdif outputs. The Genelec accept digital from their own Eco system and have that all built in. Unless another member can advise something else, I can't offer a concrete solution for you.

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never mind :)

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