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WOW TWEAK! - Turning off the video capability from the BIOS

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Last night I was listening to my system then I heard this subtle high pitched sound coming from the 3770s/Gigabyte MB/Windows 2012/AO/Paul Pang fanless 3rail LPS powered CAPS. I never heard that hissing sound before maybe because I am not listening that well.


I knew its happening somewhere in the motherboard so I took out a stethoscope and listened to it. I initially suspected its the USB 3.0 port but the sound pointed to the CPU instead. I turned off the video from the BIOS and that hissing sound was gone and the music is much more clearer without the glare and very very musical. I can turn on the volume to 11 (usual was 8) without it being shouty anymore


Only downside is I cannot manage my computer now since its in AO/4D core mode and I have to reset the motherboard to control it again.


Amazing tweak to my ears and a must share!


Have anyone tried this? Its a worthwhile tweak!

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I found that to be true also however it does not seem to happen if I just have no mouse or monitor physically connected to my CAPS box.


I use RDP to make changes remotely from another PC on my LAN. I also use wired ethernet, not wifi after reading other reports of wifi being noisey...

"Don't Believe Everything You Think"


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