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Newbie Question - Adding Schiit DAC and Volume Control

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CA Forum - Please forgive another rookie question. I am on the verge of purchasing my first DAC - Schiit Bifrost with USB/Uber additions. This DAC will sit between my Win8 PC (w/JRiver) and my NAD Integrated (326BEE). My question: With just the Bifrost in between the PC (via USB) and the NAD Integrated, will I be able to control the volume of the hard drive based media in JRiver with my NAD Integrated (thru both speakers and headphones connected to the NAD)?


My plan is to use the headphone amp in the NAD 326BEE, whether I am using the CD source (NAD 516BEE) or playing FLAC files from within JRiver on my PC (or playing Call of Duty on the PC). Will this DAC allow that control by the NAD volume knob?


Thanks in advance.




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Yes, the Bifrost has no volume control, so you control volume at the amp. My Bifrost feed a Jolida integrated and I use the Jolida's volume control.

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