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Beyerdynamic T70P & Sony PHA-2 a good combo?

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I want to improve the sonic experience I get listening to music on my relatively new ASUS N56VZ laptop. The music files are in FLAC format and I'm playing them with Media Center 19. I am considering the new-ish Sony PHA-2 DAC/Amp and the Beyerdynamic T70P headphones. However I am a bit confused by comments read here and on other sites about the need for components to be compatible ... all this talk of Ohms and Impedance in particular. I've looked without success for simple definitions and examples of these terms. My question: will the T70Ps and the PHA-2 work well together?

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The T70p being a low-impedance portable will play perfectly on the laptop, and on the external DAC/amp. However, most headphone audiophiles consider the Beyers T70, T90, T1 etc. to be rather bright, and a solid state DAC/amp like the Sony may bring out an undesirable aspect of that headphone signature to sound edgy or harsh with some music.

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