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is there a way of stopping itunes putting compilations in the compilation folder


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Does anyone know how to stop itunes form putting single artist compilation albums ie best of Lou Reed, into a compilations folder and just use the artists own folder in the music folder? It is even putting non compilation albums in it, which is now getting annoying. Its no big deal when only playing back, but if you're searching for the files it can be confusing if you don't remember where they are.




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There no way to stop discs going into the compilations folder to begin (it's a field on Gracenote) but easy to correct later - select all tracks, right click and eit detail and remove tick.




...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

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There's also a feature for grouping compilations when browsing - in Preferences.

This may stem the most obvious pain, although music files will still be stored under compilations folder, rather than under the Artist's.


Or, maybe not. Trying this just now, I had hoped to address an annoyance of mine, the attribution of songs to Guest Artists, e.g., Natalie Merchant in Trinity Revisited by Cowboy Junkies.


Even coding every track as 'compilation' did NOT group these together as 'Cowboy Junkies' - rather than splitting out one of the Natalie Merchant tracks (which she wrote) separately, without doing so to the tracks where she sang.


Of course, one can edit the artists name to accomplish this. Still annoying.





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To address your specific note above you can use the "Album Artist" field to solve that specific problem. Simply enter "Cowboy Junkies" in the Album Artist field. That will catalogue the track with "Natalie Merchant" in the Artist field under the correct album title for this Cowboy Junkies album. Doing it this way will also allow you to preserve this guest artist listing in the "Artist" field (as long as the Album title is the same for all the tracks).


A great summary of how to edit the relevant iTunes track/album information fields to correct the myriad problems caused by the errors, or just plain weird information, in the entries picked up from the Gracenotes database can viewed at:




Remember as you're using these tips that you can also invoke these edits in a batch mode on all the tracks in an album. I know from personal experience that using these track/album editing tips in a batch mode saved me a TON of time when correcting Gracenotes errors.


Good luck with your editing,


Mister Wednesday


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