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Philips announces lightning enabled headphones.

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Looks like Philips is the first company to release headphones with a digital connection. It uses Apple's lightning connection and has its own DAC in the headphones themselves. The news release says 24 bit but doesn't go into any more detail than that.


I would think that with a digital connection it would be trivial to introduce more sophisticated EQ. There is even the possibility of noise cancellation and other more advanced sound stuff being done with the phone. Of course the headphones wouldn't work with anything other than Apple stuff but still, am interesting idea.


Philips intros first Lightning-compatible headphones

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Since the headphones receive digital audio, does this mean that they implement both a DAC and an amp within the headphones themselves?


That'd be very interesting, regardless of the lightning plug.



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Yes, exactly. That was my point in posting the article. It's interesting technology and it'll be fun to see where it goes. No reason the same tech couldn't be used with usb for other brands.

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