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Need Help using JRiver w/CAPS Zuma thru to Lexicon MC12HD

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I have been using JRiver on my CAPS Zuma for about 2 years now successfully for music only in my music listening room which is also a Theater. Untill recently I did not use the TV feature. I now want to use the TV / Video feature in this room. Problem is that I have not been able to get 5.1 audio thru my Lexicon. Video works just can't get 5.1 audio. No idea why. It's connected via HDMI.


Now...just last week I used "another Zone" in JRiver that uses my "DragonFly" as a 2 channel DAC. This worked! But is not ideal as it doesn't do 5.1. Any suggestions? Especially from anyone who may also be using a Lexicon?



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