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needs advice

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Hello everybody-this is my first post and already I have a question!


I am on a tight budget and plan on buying a pair of Audioengine A-2's for my pc.

I've narrowed down my choice of Dac's to just two- the Scott Nixon USB-UFO-tube buffer(with the optional

power supply and the Cayin iDAC Tube DAC with USB. They are both in the $700.00 to $800.00 range,

which is about all I want to spend. Has anyone out there heard both of these or have an opinion on

which would sound better with the A-2's?



Rich W

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I emailed him about 10 weeks ago to express interest in ordering one of his DACs, but never heard back from him. The funny thing about this is that he and I had a mutual friend for more than 30 years, & I had gotten an email reply from Scott about our friend just before Christmas. Since he never got back to me I had to look for something else in my price range, so I took a chance on the Cayin (being retired and living off a fixed income does have its disadvantages... especially if you're an audiophile). IMO it's worth every penny.


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Thanks for the advice guys-I went ahead and ordered the Cayin iDac and the

Audioengine A-2's. I do have a question for SGB though-I read your excellent review

but I don't believe you mentioned which analog output you were using. It appears, although I may be wrong,

from the specs I have read that only Analog out 1 uses the tubes.


Rich W

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  • 9 months later...

My first post! I know this discussion is old by now, but I picked up a new iDac today (for $250 - I know it isn't a new product anymore, but I felt lucky to find such a deal) and will hook it up to my Audioengine A2s. I'm also wondering about which output to use.


I suppose I'll try them both and see what happens, but any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm new to the audiophile world and still struggling to learn all the vocabulary.


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