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im currently using my 20 years old Audio Research DAC 1-20 feeded optical by my CD player and Squeezebox Transporter (2008), with good results, in my opinion is much better than the Transporter internal dac in every aspect but some sibilance in some rare songs. Seldom happen to me to like more the punch by the transport, but at the end I always preffer DAC 1-20 musicality.


Now I would like to connect directly a Pc/Mac via USB and I wonder if the best solution is to buy a good USB/SPDIF transport to pair the AR DAC 1-20 or a completely new USB DAC, in both case I'm asking for some advise about the budget I have to deserve to preserve the actual quality (Transporter + dac 1-20) and some names.


Thanks in advance.



Writer of  the R2 patch to Squeezelite and C-3PO.plugin.  note liberehttps://github.com/marcoc1712
Logitech media Server 7.9 > miniPc + squeezelite-R2 / SB+ > "Lu Criaturu" NOS R2R DAC / AudioResearch DAC 1-20 > 
Klimo Merlino Gold TPS > DIS Interconnect > Kent Gold > Reference > Monitor Audio Studio 20 SE

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