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A few DACS for sale

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I have a few DACS for sale--


Teac UD-501 Silver DSD DAC $600 Shipped USA. The one that made DSD finally affordable with excellent quality. Original owner 9 months old. No issues. All box and packaging included. Dual Mono design.


Geek Out 450 DSD USB DAC. Does hirez PCM/Double DSD, etc. and plugs in to your computers USB port for power. Runs hot--its biased in Class A mode for better sound. $SOLD Shipped USA. 2nd owner but includes everything with it. Excellent condition silver unit.


Geek Out 720 DSD USB DAC Black-- Brand new never used in original packaging. Probably needs a little breaking in before it reaches its best quality. This runs hot also--Biased Class A. $210 shipped USA. Higher power version of item above. 720 mw headamp.


Paypal gladly accepted with no fee. Ships from Detroit. 1 day handling time and fast priority mail shipping. Thanks for looking. Sorry, no pics at this time. Will try to get some up by the weekend.

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