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Music Server using PC with Winamp: Remote control?

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Hey all,

I am a newbie trying to put a music server (using a laptop PC) together.

Since I have all my music files in FLAC format, I use Winamp simply because IMHO it's the best media player out there for FLAC support (playback, album art, tag information, etc)


So, I lately encountered a minor problem: Remote control for Winamp.


I would like to be able to access to Winamp in order to listen to the music I want from my couch. I'd like to be able to select artists, albums, songs, specific playlists, etc. I don't care much about volume control, since I use the receiver's remote to control the volume.


I know this issue has been discussed before, but it was more focused on iTunes. I just want to know what options I have to control Winamp remotely, besides an iPhone, which I can't have because I live on an island with no service for iPhone (plus I wouldn't buy an iPhone just for using it as a remote control!)


I know there are plenty of people out there using PC's with Winamp as music servers, so I'd like to know what would be "our" best options out there to access our libraries from the comfort of our couches?? : )

Any suggestions???

Thanks a lot in advance




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Hey Chris,

I forgot to mention that since I already have an 160GB iPod my wife got it for me last december (and she's got a 60GB!), I am OK with iPods for right now :)

I am not against the iPod as a remote at all. I thought about it, the thing is that I was looking for something like the remote control Microsoft has for Windows Media Center, for example, but for Winamp. Is there someting like that out there yet? Something similar? Other options?

Thanks a lot!



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I just stepped away for a bit. Now I'm back :-) I have some ideas, but think I'll check to make suer I am on the right path.


Do you have an example of one you like for Media Center but won't work for Winamp? I saw some excellent remotes at CES that may work for you if you're looking for something like them.


A quick search brings up the following remote, but I won't recommend it because I don't know anything about it.



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Thanks Chris! It may be worth buying it for $5.55 and see if the Winamp remote has the features I want.


This is the Microsoft remote for Windows Media Center. You can start up WMC, surf through the library, select albums, artists, songs, etc. It does everything, but it's just for WMC




I was looking for something like that for Winamp. Maybe the Winamp remote from Tekgems does all that....I'll give it a try and order one today. I'll keep looking, though. Just in case I don't like it or doesn't work....I read it has problems with Winamp 5.xx versions... We'll see.

Thanks again



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Lucho, nowadays, I successfully control Winamp on my PC using the iAmpRemote application on my iTouch. The only thing it won't do is link directly to the music folders on my hard drives. The workaround for that is simply to create playlists in Winamp for your albums. If you have a music folder that you want to access, simply add all songs within a folder into a single Winamp playlist and label the playlist the same as your music folder. The app shows the bit rate of the file you are playing, which is a nice feature. JCR


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